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What is transformational coaching ?


Transformational coaching  is where you set an outcome for yourself, for example, have more fun with the kids or creating direction in my life. (See other example goals below). The coach then asks you lots of questions in a way that is individual to you to help you elaborate on your outcome to make it very specific and measurable. Our coaches are experts on making what seems intangible, tangible and measurable.

The coach then asks lots of styles of questions to help you uncover what stops you from having that outcome right now.

When this is uncovered, the coach offers you choice of what to do with what is uncovered. You may choose to keep it the way it is or you may decide it is limiting you and you may choose to change it slightly or change it completely. The coach has lots of tools and exercises to support you in whatever you decide to do.

It is not uncommon for clients to uncover the root cause of limiting behaviour that goes back 30 years or more.

At the end of each session both you and the coach together create tasks or exercises that you go away and practice. This is what ensures the awareness and changes made in the session are applied to practical scenarios in everyday life. This is what creates transformations and sustainable change in your real life.

You and the coach have regular contact between sessions to touch base on how you are going with your tasks.

How can Hoogi Transformational Coaching help me?

OK – there’s a lot of technical jargon here so lets try to keep it as simple as possible.

The answer is – transofrmational coaching can help you in a number of ways. Some that you planned for and some that you may not have planned for.

Here’s the thing, something may be blocking you in one area of your life that you have set your goal in (planned) and often it can be the same thing blocking you in a different area of your life (unplanned). And there may be other things that need to be resolved along the way for the new change to stick like your self-esteem or a limiting belief.

At hoogi we cover the lot. The lot is Performance, Developmental and Transformational Coaching. We want you to have the most transformative experience possible.

Confused?! Here goes with a “simple” example:

Alex wants to find more time for her. During her sessions she uncovers that she is overly optimistic about time. She sees time through rose coloured glasses. This means that she schedules four times as many activities in her day than she is realistically capable of doing and feels constantly disappointed that she doesn’t get to do all the things she set out to do. So she and her coach set her a task to gain flexibility in being more realistic about time (performance coaching).  She then discovers that when she doesn’t achieve she feels like she is not a worthy human being (limiting belief) and feels down in dumps. So she and her coach, work on building her self- esteem(developmental coaching). She then has a massive awareness that it is not just time she is overly optimistic about, she is overly optimistic about spending money she doesn’t have, overly optimistic about the expectations she has for her husband and overly optimistic about what her children can achieve. She gains all this additional awareness. Awareness can sometimes be enough to change the behaviours that result from this and if required, Alex and her coach can create additional tasks for any changes she would like to have in these additional areas. Her perspective on her entire life changes to being more realistic (transformational coaching).

Here’s some (not limited to) example outcomes our clients have worked on:

  • Have more fun with the children in the moment.
  • Regain confidence for work
  • Being confident about my work
  • Explore what I love to do for work
  • Explore what I love to do for pleasure
  • Have more harmony at home – scream less
  • Bring the joy back to being a mum
  • Overcoming jealousy of friends
  • Overcoming jealousy with partner
  • Finding time for me
  • Having a present focus
  • Improving my health
  • Losing weight
  • Healthy attitude around food and alcohol
  • Improving my communication in groups
  • Improving relationship with my husband
  • Improving my focus, concentration and application to tasks
  • Speaking up for myself
  • Accepting myself
  • Accepting others
  • Defining my identity
  • Overcoming stress
  • Managing my expectations
  • To have strong self esteem
  • Articulate my ideal next job
  • Be kind to my body and self
  • Communicating and connecting with others confidently