Leadership skills for busy parents and teachers, to champion the greatness in children and enable them to see it in themselves – preparing them with the mindset, courage and resilience for the future of work.

History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children

Nelson Mandela

For Parents

Learn the leadership skills that let you do what you do everyday with more impact and less effort. You are already stretched in time, energy and resources. Our programs and products enable you to lead your family with vision, awareness and consistency that are essential for a child to develop self-belief and day-to-day parenting to be fulfilling.

For Teachers

Torn between a system that is demanding and a room full of children that you only want to do your best by, how do you navigate the overwhelming responsibilities and demands on your time, whilst still being innovative at the front of your classroom? We teach you the ins and outs of how you can create more space and more capacity to bring out the best in yourself and your kids by honing the leadership that matter most.


About Dina Cooper

A highly sought after leadership coach, mentor, trainer, and speaker, Dina Cooper finds parents and teachers are juggling demands, dividing their time and feeling challenged to give the quality attention they want to give to work, children, partners and themselves. Their environment is “noisy” often leaving them feeling guilty about not doing anything well. She helps them shape the governing values and principles by which they act and help them hone the leadership skills that matter most in connecting with their child and connecting with their work. By helping parents and teachers cut through the noise they are able to increase their productive time and value they bring to work.

Blogs and Articles by Dina Cooper

Parent Guilt

It’s OK to feel guilty. It’s letting you know that there’s a values conflict – two things that are important to you are colliding. It’s when that guilt feeling spirals and you tell yourself you shouldn’t feel guilty…

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Work-life blend…not balance

The term work-life balance implies there is a holy grail way to live life and work in specified portions that will output a good quality of life. Whilst traditionally we looked at time spent at work versus outside of work. High performers are working in a different way.

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Time is precious…

As I watch a movie with my children tonight, I will hold them just that little bit tighter. It’s a sobering thought, none of us really know when moments will be our last..

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