You are not failing

Do you feel that if you can’t make work and family work that you are not trying hard enough or somehow you not good enough? You are not failing. 

3 Common Fears In Parenting

Even if you are fairly level-headed person, it’s common to experience an increase in the number of fears you have after having children.

6 reasons to stop comparing in parenting

Parenting can be a competitive arena. Whether it’s the type of activity a child is doing or where you are going for your winter break, some comparisons are overt and others are more subtle. Read more..

Flexibility for working parents is a mindset before a reality

For working parents, flexibility is the most valuable currency there is. Being able to pick up your child from school a couple of times a week, attend a child’s concert, take them to an activity, be home with them for dinner, these are important and it’s flexibility that enables these moments to occur.

How to encourage your child to make mistakes

In the future of work, being able to make mistakes and celebrating them is a critical skill for mental resilience.
When we are sharing our creativity and our uniqueness, chances are it’s not going to come out perfectly on first go, probably not even on the 100th go…

Do you dress your child to impress?

We want children to walk their own path. We want them to not compare themselves to others. But I’m wondering if what we say to them sometimes gives them a different message. Why are we judged on appearance? And what can we teach our children instead?

What if you replaced your guilt with compassion?

Feeling guilty is OK. Guilt-tripping yourself is un-useful. Spiraling emotions are like running a race, backwards from the finish line. It’s taking you further away from where you want to be. So what’s the alternative?

Book endorsement by Dr John Demartini

Have you ever had times, when something is just meant to happen and everything conspires to make it happen? Well that’s what happened. For the whole session, it was like someone had crawled into my head and understood what I had been trying to say for years, but not been able to articulate.

Self-belief is a critical ingredient for the future of work

Albert Einstein wrote ‘Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.’ The future of work holds many unknowns – how will Artificial Intelligence (AI) disrupt industries? And what does this have to do with your child’s genius?

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