Together with Anton Buchner from Imagination Stories, we run a fun-filled, action packed 1 hour lunch-time session called Microplay.
Helping employees learn ways to connect with themselves and connect with each other through empowering them with leading edge leadership skills and 7 types of small play techniques that can easily be incorporated into the working day.

The business value of meaningful connection for working parents

Is your business being held back by disengaged employees struggling to manage a work/life balance efficiently?

You could be losing $608,000* in revenue per year!

At MicroPlay, research tells us that working parents and employees often find it difficult to manage their time effectively. And in most cases, struggle both personally and professionally to understand how to solve it.

Introducing Microplay’s productivity plan

That’s why we’ve developed a 90 minute professional training module to help working parents discover the secret to more meaningful connection. The result being improved productivity and more satisfied individuals.

The problem in Australia and globally

Unfortunately in today’s digital economy people are simply becoming too busy, and distracted by constant emails and social media etc., which of course have a place and are valuable. The problem is we have lost the art of true connection and structure.

Learning structures in an unstructured world

The paradox is, the more focused we are in any given activity, be that in the workplace or at home, the more productive we become. Over time the mind has been tricked that the more we multi-
task, the more productive we’ll be. The opposite is true. And it’s this unproductive time due to mind- wandering, low morale, and absenteeism that we at MicroPlay help people overcome.

Proven results

By being fully focused in a moment, you can achieve remarkable results. You will discover that you are focused on the present rather than worrying about the past or future. Most people’s minds naturally divert to other events. It’s a skill set to remain focused and to ‘be present’.
At MicroPlay we show employees not only how to be present, but also teach them the art of creating more meaningful connection at home and at work.

The MicroPlay 90 minute Productivity Plan teaches working parents:
► the art of focusing on tasks
► structuring time more efficiently
► managing mind play
► meaningful connection

“I learnt how to stay in the present, and that going with the flow of what my client is doing can save me time in the end and we can get through more and have fun!”

What does this deliver to your organisation?

This not only delivers greater happiness and satisfaction for employees, both within themselves and at home with their partner and children, but ultimately creates opportunities for business growth, more creativity and greater productivity.

What is your business’ lost productivity number?

According to Gallup*, 76% of Australians are either “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” in work. If you employ 200 people then this equates to 152 employees!

With $33.5b in lost productivity per year, this equates to approximately $4,000 per person. Hence, based on 152 disengaged employees, a business may be losing $608,000.

Calculate your lost productivity number now. If it concerns you, then lets discuss how the MicroPlay Productivity Plan will help your business.

Call Anton Buchner on 0414 673 575 or Dina Cooper @ MicroPlay on 0404 125 103 to arrange an assessment of your business.

* employees-engaged-work.aspx

“Especially helpful examples of thinking styles. Really found it worthwhile – so glad I attended!”


  1. Improve work/life balance – employees more connected at home are more productive in the workplace
  2. Improve levels of happiness and satisfaction – happier employee at home, leads to happier person at work
  3. Improved productivity – personal, team, business
  4. Increased self confidence – overcoming the barrier within
  5. Staff relationships – with colleagues, clients, management – realising the connections


  1. Buys you a world of time – notion of time has shrunk and how to buy back time
  2. Maintain balance in a busy world – quadrangle of self, partner, child, work
  3. Improved happiness – what life and humanity is really about
  4. Increased self confidence – overcoming the barrier within
  5. Stronger relationships with work colleagues/ team mates/partner/children – realising the connections