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And what a weekend it was. This first retreat set about guiding mums to learn the art of making space in their mind to be able to follow the energy of their children and life in general. The result? More fun! As a family we believe and have proven, that the more you can do this, the more you thrive and because you become the ultimate role model, the more your children thrive. Everybody wins. And 8 more mums are now putting this theory to the test and I cannot wait to hear the results!

And because we recognised that a weekend alone is rare and cannot be wasted, we made sure there was some relaxation, cake, giggles and even a takeaway dinner!

Take a look at some of the action!

Dina and Bec Facial

Mums enjoying a luxurious Arbonne facial with Sal Wiseman


Lunch time Foot Soak

Ahh…the wet feet! Lunchtime soak anyone?


How did the Mind Retreat benefit mums?

Through open and candid discussion in a relaxed and non-judgmental atmosphere, the mums were able to explore their emotions and begin to lay down a foundation for unshakeable self-esteem and self-worth and build a structure by which to communicate confidently. And to be able to leave the Retreat feeling empowered and prepared to approach difficult situations with husband, family, children, work colleagues, by having worked through new and healthy ways to think and feel, they were ready to make lasting changes for the better, a reality. Wow. All from a weekend with hoogi.


Yoga - Lou, Bec, Jo and Viv
Yoga with the gorgeous Lou from Footsteps


And here is what some of the mums had to say afterwards:

RW, Working Mum of two, ages 4 and 3:
“ From the two day retreat, I gave myself the permission and understanding to think and feel and communication skills to allow me to talk to my husband about my wants and needs.

I found the group coaching experience invigorating and calming. Dina was worth her weight in gold! She is so wonderful at drawing out of you, what it is you REALLY think and feel. She was excellent at really listening and using our own words to ask relevant, thought provoking questions.

If you are considering attending a hoogi Mind Retreat, Dina loves what she does, she understands and really listens to you and helps YOU to decide what your own goals and fears are and provides you with effective, constructive logical ways to help yourself.”

KM, Working Mum of three ages 4 and twins ages 1.
“I gained some specific concepts to apply to communicate better, deal with my emotions and relationship from this retreat. The experience included honest and open discussions that were similar to my experiences to learn from and included real, practical applications of techniques and fun!

Dina is a happy and inspirational person who guides me patiently and I found the extra touches such as yoga, facials etc made it more relaxing and special as opposed to lessons only. Well done!”



Group Photo - Woohoo!

A happy ending…..eight thriving mums – WOOHOO!!


Parenting can be fun!