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Taster Mini Mind Spa

Laughing Family

Are you finding there’s not enough time to play with your kids?

Are work or chores getting in the way of play?

Are you simply too tired or too busy to play?


Hoogi offers parenting solutions for modern day parents that will transform the way you think about parenting and allow you to get more of what you want for you and your child in your daily life. The result is everyone is happier!


Mini Mind Spas is a popular series that allows you step back and really think about how you want to be as a parent and highlights the thinking styles that may get in the way and how to get around them.


“The mini mind spa series exceeded my expectations. It [has]definitely helped me to think more broadly about my relationships with my family and how I can enjoy life even more!” Anna, mum of 2, ages 4 and 6


Find out how you can transform the way you play with your child in today’s busy world. Come along to a free taster Mini Mind Spa on Play:

SATURDAY 29th March 2014

TO BOOK for this FREE WORKSHOP simply register at http://flowerchild.com.au/store/mini-mind-spa-parenting-workshop.html
Flowerchild contact number – (02) 8060 5559




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