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Praise 2 Day Mind Retreat

Lenka Taylor, Mumpreneur of two, ages 9 and 7: 

“The retreat gave me a new way of my interactions with others and the tools, confidence and power to improve my life.   The group coaching was a fantastic way to learn and practice the newly discovered tools to build my confidence and meet other mums who also want to improve their way of life with their families.

Dina is an amazing person who genuinely cares and wants to pass on her knowledge and experience on how to really thrive as a mum. The retreat exceeded my expectations. My advice to others considering the Hoogi Mind Retreat is GO FOR IT, you’ll definitely benefit!”


RW, Working Mum of two, ages 4 and 3:

“ From the two day retreat, I gave myself the permission and understanding to think and feel and communication skills to allow me to talk to my husband about my wants and needs.

I found the group coaching experience invigorating and calming. Dina was worth her weight in gold! She is so wonderful at drawing out of you, what it is you REALLY think and feel. She was excellent at really listening and using our own words to ask relevant, thought provoking questions.

If you are considering attending a Hoogi Mind Retreat, Dina loves what she does, she understands and really listens to you and helps YOU to decide what your own goals and fears are and provides you with effective, constructive logical ways to help yourself.”


KM, Working Mum of three ages 4 and twins ages 1.

“I gained some specific concepts to apply to communicate better, deal with my emotions and relationship from this retreat. The experience included honest and open discussions that were similar to my experiences to learn from and included real, practical applications of techniques and fun!

Dina is a happy and inspirational person who guides me patiently and I found the extra touches such as yoga, facials etc made  it more relaxing and special as opposed to lessons only. Well done!”


Sally Wiseman, Working Mum of two, ages 5 and 3:

“My group coaching/facilitation with Hoogi was fantastic. It was great to see how everyone felt so comfortable and share in their experiences. I really enjoyed being a part of it. Thank you.”