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Meet our passionate team

Our coaches are pure coaches.

One of the most transformational elements of pure coaching is that you are supported to find answers for yourself. When you are supported to find answers for yourself the changes you desire stick. Think about it – how much resistance might you feel when others tell you do something versus how much resistance do you feel when you tell yourself to do something? Most people find that they are less resistant to change when they decide to do something themselves. After all, you and only you are the expert on your life. You know what you think, feel, say or do. You know what your family life is like, you know what your kids are like, you know what your partner is like, you know what your work is like, you know what your friends are like, you know what your health is like – there is no greater expert on your life than you. Pure coaching honours that and respects that the client has the answers.

Our Coaches can and do step into the training and mentoring space if both client and coach feel it is beneficial to the client achieving their outcomes. If this is required the coach asks permission from the client to move into this space.

Dina Cooper ACMC, ACMA, Ba (Hons)

Dina CooperDina Cooper is the founder of Hoogi and a personal coach for mums. Dina operates from the Northern Beaches of Sydney and offers face to face coaching, phone coaching and Skype coaching.

Dina began her career as a qualified Chartered Management Accountant (ACMA) and first recognised her passion and strength in human change in 2004 whilst working at St George Bank. In recognition of her change skills, Dina transitioned from a Senior Accountant to a Change Manager within the bank.

In 2005, Dina visited a career coach with a view to change her career to utilise her change skills and move into professional coaching. Fortuitously, she was offered a coaching role by her coach’s organisation, which she eagerly accepted.

Unfortunately, this role came to a halt when she abruptly moved back to the UK when her mum got cancer. She took a prolonged pause and had her two gorgeous boys in the UK.

In 2009, Dina returned to Australia and went on to study to become a Meta-Coach (ACMC). By engaging a Meta-Coach, Dina overcame her own challenges in becoming the mum she wanted to be, and now enjoys mum-hood everyday! Dina is passionate and dedicated in utilising her coaching skills and her natural ability for working with people in human change, to support other mums to be the mum they want to be.

Dina engages a personal coach for herself to develop both personally and professionally. Dina understands the human condition and the self-actualising processes that enable a person to realise their personal and professional aspirations. She is passionate about your self-development and her own.

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Marija Castellari ACMC, BBus (Acc)

MarijaMarija Castellari (ACMC, BBus (Acc)) is a personal coach for mums and operates from the Inner West of Sydney. Marija offers face to face coaching.

After being diagnosed with borderline post-natal depression, and feeling unfulfilled after the birth of her third child, she did a life coaching program.

Marija then transitioned from a seven year career in finance, followed by a role as the website editor for a parenting magazine.

Now, she’s a fully qualified personal coach who is passionate about coaching Mums to live happier lives.

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