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“That can’t be right, surely? My little boy has hit another child? Are you sure? That is not like him at all. “

Followed swiftly by, “he must have been provoked, was he retaliating, was he defending himself?”

And then, “wait till I speak to him, I am so cross, that’s his treats taken away for a month!”

And inside your voice says, ‘I knew hanging out with that child was a bad influence on him…I wonder if this is the first time?’

Sound familiar? Are these the sorts of things that would go through your head or even come out of your mouth? Would you be quick to judge, believe, or disbelieve? Would you feel anger, hurt, disappointment, worry, embarrassment, or maybe even protective?

Whatever you feel, it is only natural to feel some extreme of emotion, which will elicit a reaction that you don’t feel comfortable with or may not seem rational on reflection.

So watch, listen and next time someone tells you your chid has done something which you feel let down by, think ‘Dina’s tip;

‘I am powerful, if I pause first and hear the facts, then question thoroughly and then talk to my child neutrally and calmly, I am in control.
Cut out the mind chatter!’



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