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Praise Mini Mind Spa

Anna Town – Mum of 2, Ages 4 and 6 says:

“The Hoogi Mini Mind Spa series gave me the chance to take myself out of the day-to-day and really think about my relationship with my kids and my husband which is something that I had not done before. It allowed me to have a new perspective on things and really consider my reactions and behaviours towards my family.

Being in a group was really helpful to be able to share experiences. We found that there were a lot of common experiences and challenges and were able to talk through the solutions together. I directly took some techniques that another mum had shared in terms of dealing with her daughter with my own child, which I found really helpful.

Dina was really insightful, brought up topics and ideas that made me stop and think. She challenged us to really consider what barriers we had in front of us that stopped us from being the mum we wanted to be and then helped come up with ways to work through them. She blended well everyday experiences with psychology theory that gave a good balance and helped me approach my thinking differently in some aspects of my life.

The mini mind spa series exceeded my expectations. I didn’t have one major issue or blockage that I wanted to overcome in my life but it definitely helped me to think more broadly about my relationships with my family and how I can enjoy life even more!

Take the time to do something for you. This is the first time I have done anything like this and it has been a great experience to understand that most mums are experiencing similar challenges and there are easy techniques for you to improve communication and relationships within your family.”


Sunny Saady, mum of two ages 3 and 4 says:

“I learnSunnyed to slow down and not take too much on. My group coaching experience with hoogi was inspiring and moving. And the coach, Dina was dynamic and inspirational – keep doing what you’re doing, because its great! I felt fully supported even when I couldn’t make it. The mini mind spa series was above and beyond my expectations.

Despite not being able to complete it in its entirety, it has highlighted that I can have and create the kind of life for myself and family life by adjusting my mindset. I will be continuing with some coaching with Dina to fulfill my desire to be the best mum and wife I can be.”


Angelique Summerhayes, Mum of 3, Ages 8, 13 & 15 says:

“Dina made me realise that we all hear and see things differently. That all our belief, experience and feelings are real to each of us and that that should be acknowledged. Following the series, I understand my children’s behaviour and emotions better.

The group facilitation experience with hoogi was great. It was so nice to see that you are not alone, and that your experiences are not just created by you. Other people share similar feelings/situations. I felt I could discuss my problems/thoughts with the group and felt comfortable with this, even though we had all just met in the group! Also to hear everyone else and hope to provide some useful advice and support for them. I felt it created a bond between us.

Dina was fantastic, insightful, gorgeous, positive, warm and extremely easy to listen to. She made me feel I could open up and share things with her and ask her for advice. It’s almost like she opened the doors for me to see things more clearly. – Keep doing what you are doing!!!! What and how she showed and taught us was great and done in such a professional and pleasant manner

I didn’t go in with any expectations but was extremely happy with my Mini Mind Spa experience and feel it gave me some new tools to work with.

I would certainly recommend it to others.”


 Sally,working  mum of 2, ages 2 1/2 & 5

“Mini Mind Spa” is a perfect description! Sessions were a time to process and break down the stresses of daily life of being a mum.  Dina was an amazing insightful coach that made it easy for all mother’s to open up and share their stories.  I felt empowered to continue to grow personally and give time to the wellbeing of my family!  Thank you yet again. ”


ED, Mum of 2, Ages 1 and 3 says:

“From the Mini Mind Spa series I gained a general awareness of my role as a mum and my interaction with my kids and husband on a daily basis

I gained great insight into the way my mind works and also why and how my relationships work… or don’t work in some cases!

Dina really understood the subject matter and was able to communicate with the group in the right tone to maximise the message.

Keep up the good work Dina, you are very good at what you do and more mums need to benefit from your knowledge and insight.

I went in not really knowing what to expect so I was very happy after the first session when I came away looking forward to the next.”