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Smart Parenting Assessment

Who is this session for?
Parents focused on growth and development of themselves and their children.

What will I get from the session?
• Learn what motivates you and what motivates your child to increase your energy and theirs
• Lead your child to their potential with precision – reduce the need to ‘wing it’
• Increase your response potential by increasing your flexibility and adaptability so your child feels heard and understood.
• Discover how to be more in rapport with your child and help them get things done quicker
• Find out you and your partner’s optimal styles of parenting to work as a cohesive team
• Communicate in a way your child understands and processes so they listen to you
• Understand how to support your child’s uniqueness
• Find out why you find some parenting responsibilities tedious and what tasks increase your energy
• And more.

What is involved in the session?
A research backed assessment, assessing 48 of your attitudes and motivations. You will complete this 20-minute assessment prior to the 2-hour debrief session.

At the debrief session, Dina will take you through your 48 attitudes and motivations in the context of you as a parent leader.

How long is the session and what’s included?
A two-hour session with Dina, in person or online, access to a 20-minute online assessment plus a copy of Dina’s book, Smart Parenting – How to Develop Your Child’s Mindset, Courage and Resilience for the Future of Work

How much is the investment?

AUD 495 plus GST