Parent As Leader

Live 4-month coaching program for a parent seeking fulfilment in their life and family. One to one sessions in person or on Skype.  


How to experience more inner peace and calm, a more fulfilling life direction, and more quality time with your children and family . . .


Dear Parent . . .

You’re a loving mum or dad, committed to making things work for you and your family. For the most part you are happy and get by ok in daily life and yet there is this feeling of incompletion. A feeling that there is more you want to do and be.

This leaves you feeling unsettled and occupies way too much of your thinking.

You love your children and partner very much, but there are times you are so preoccupied in your mind, you feel like you are missing time and connection with them, even though you are physically there with them – especially with your children.

You are experiencing a disconnect with one or more of your children.

This saddens you, because you know time with them right now is precious – and you have to make the most of it before they grow up.

You hope for something different, but feel like there’s no choice. You see families around you in a similar boat. You feel like this is just the way it is.

Everyday feels like you’re moving on auto-pilot. You want more for yourself, but not sure how you can do that when you’re juggling the demands of kids and all the responsibilities, financial and otherwise that go with that. And of course, everything else that needs to be done!

Or perhaps . . . .

You’re working so hard . . . . and stuck in job you don’t really love.  It pays the bills and gives you a comfortable lifestyle, but if you’re honest with yourself it’s not fulfilling. You want more for yourself and want more for your children.

Then there’s your relationship. You love each other and are committed to a life together and maybe you feel like you don’t bring enough of yourself to the relationship. Like sharing your opinions and feelings… Worse still – maybe you’ve forgotten what your opinion is, because you’ve lost some of your identity post kids. Or maybe you are just operating from different pages and this ends in an argument. 

You feel unfulfilled and disappointed”

I get that feeling. I felt like that. You’re NOT alone and you’re certainly on the right track being here and wanting MORE for yourself … more time, more laughter, more connection, and a whole lot more living!

Heres the thing . . . .

The reason why so many parents struggle is not because they’re incapable or have major problems, and it’s NOT because they don’t have “enough” time, energy, or resources.

The reason they struggle is because they dont KNOW another way. 

They aren’t aware they have a CHOICE to step away from the craziness of pushing and pulling, or the unfulfilling feeling of lacking clarity and direction.. They don’t realise . . .

You Have Everything You Need To Create The Life You Want

What if I told you you already have the power to change all of that right now. To turn it around and make life how you want it to be?

To enjoy a different level of enjoyment and connection with your life . . .

  • How instead of just getting through the day, you could thrive through your day.
  • How it is possible to take time out for yourself without feeling guilty, pressured, or torn between responsibilities.
  • How to build on the connection as a couple and have your relationship grow and be stronger that it ever was before.
  • How to find and enjoy quality time with your children, without worrying about activities and the never-ending list of things to do.
  • How to experience more laughing, joy and fulfilment without the odd habits that pop up to ruin it for you – and instead, experiencing more calm and ease.
  • To experience a whole new level of connection with your family, not just for week-long holiday, but for a lifetime!


How I discovered the secret to Parenting as a Leader


Hi, I’m Dina

A few short years ago, I hit rock bottom.

I felt like I was just “existing.” I was enduring a corporate career my heart wasn’t in, my relationship was more like co-existing for the most part, juggling home, work and family, and I never felt like I had any quality time with my kids.

I did my best to do all the “right things” as a mum. I fed them, tried to engage with them, ran the family home, and worked to bring in income.

But it was like I was just ticking the boxes.

My marriage was a conflicting combination of love, passion and day-to-day frustrations and mild resentment. I could never let myself enjoy “being-in-the-moment, when I had a never-ending list of things to do. This daily struggle took up a lot of brain space.

I was utterly exhausted.

It was at one of my lowest points – sitting at a blue Ikea table with my then, 2 and 4 year old boys – that I had a revelation. I remember having the awareness of stepping outside of myself, peering down and thinking …”Is this it? Is this all there is to my life..? I WANT MORE….!!!!!!

I knew I had hit an all-time low.

I realised I needed to search for another way. Maybe someone to help me navigate through the daily struggles and really get clear on how to manage my life and begin leading it in the direction I wanted it to go! So I started working with a life coach and my whole world took an amazing turn.


What I Discovered Was Life Changing

polaroid-dina-2With my coach’s help I suddenly realised, I had the power to change anything I wanted in my life, just by changing me first.

When I shifted the way in which I perceived all of these things in my life, I experienced a whole new way of living.

I discovered how to lead myself

My people pleasing, perfectionism habits that once drove me insane, began to lose their hold, to their almost non-existent form today.

I settled into a career direction that relieved that restless feeling and instead brought me inner calm and peace.

I began to notice my children in a whole different way, including what makes them tick. The way they respond to different things, and the subtleties that make them wonderfully unique.

I began to have the ability to tweak my actions and language to make it easier for them and my partner to hear me.

And because I was more relaxed and at ease, sex got a whole lot better – SOMEONE was very happy about that!!

I began leading my life in a way that was good for all of us.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not down to just one parent to lead. I believe both parents have to step up and do the work. And for me, as someone who was so unconsciously focused on other things – things that were not serving me – these new awarenesses came as a precious gift.

As a result, my relationship with my kids and partner grew rapidly. I became more intentional and purposeful in how I lived family life and raised my kids, and my husband and I were able to decide together what we wanted to instil in our children.

We began to lead our family.


“I’m having fun being spontaneous with my children and husband.”

“I gained a whole new way of looking at my life with positivity, ambition and being proud of who I am. As a result of my coaching, I’m having fun being spontaneous with my children and husband.”

– Sally Wiseman (Working Mum of 2)

Parents As Leaders

Inspired by the amazing transformations I experienced not only for myself, but also my family, I decided I wanted to help others experience the same.

I decided to make the transition from corporate professional to parenting coach and began researching human behaviour, family dynamics and ways to live life more fully. This resulted in discovering strategies that helped adults and children communicate more effectively.

I created a system based on 3 core pillars that helps build connection with individuals and families. That shows them how to live their lives on purpose.

What I found was, the more my clients put the 3 core pillars of Parent as Leader into practice, the more connection and happiness they experienced.

I knew this was something special I had to share on a larger scale

When you live your purpose, and show your children how to do the same you become a parent who breaks through personal barriers – a parent who is leading change.

You can be that person. If you choose to be.

And the Parent as Leader program is where you start.

pal-kyliehunt You’ve helped me become a better mum, professional and wife

“The highlight of this program for me has been the ability to build resilience and quiet confidence I need as a mum and as a professional. Dina you’ve helped me become a better mum, a better professional and a better wife – and I do appreciate everything you’ve done. I can’t recommend this program high enough. It’s really got fantastic tools and Dina’s a really lovely person as well.”

– Kylie Hunt (Mum of 2)

What is the Parent as Leader Program?

Parent as Leader is a totally unique 4 month program that supports and guides proactive parents to create a deeper connection with themselves, their partners, and their children.

As your personal coach, I take you by the hand and empower you with step-by-step strategies that build your personal and parental leadership skills so you can achieve the delicate balance between raising a happy child and personal fulfilment. All whilst maintaining the authenticity and uniqueness of who you are as an individual.

Based on the 3 pillars of Parent as Leader – Lead your self, Lead your child and Lead your family – the program teaches you how to truly enjoy parenting with more ease and flow, whilst creating a meaningful long-lasting connection with your child.

Together we unlock the key to finding your true authentic self, so you know with total clarity and confidence how to create the life you want and be able to communicate with your family, without compromising who you are or how you want to be in the world.

Parent as Leader is your ultimate guide to finding the confidence, connection and calm in your world. To enjoy parenting and get great results, in a way that works for you and your family.


3 Core Pillars of Parent As Leader

The 3 Core Pillars we explore in the PAL program are the foundation of living with purpose, creating greater connection, and experiencing true freedom and full self-expression.

Lead Self

By connecting with yourself, you discover your deepest desires, your deepest passions, and also the things that get in the way of them becoming your reality.  We empower you with cutting edge leadership skills to enjoy life and lead yourself through the challenging times in any aspect of your life, including with your children.

Lead Family

Your connection with your partner is a core part of leading your family. We help you deepen that connection by showing you first how to lead yourself and then uncovering the areas that will help you work together and collaborate with ease. We help you discover the direction you would like to lead your family in and support you to get there.

Lead Child

The more you understand your child, the more you connect with them. The more you connect with them, the more you can lead them. We empower you with cutting edge leadership skills to really listen to your child, bring out the best in them and their full potential.

Parent As Leader is For You If

  • You feel lost without a clear sense of direction or knowing of what to do or where to go next.
  • You find you can get through to one child just fine, but trying to get through to your other child is a huge challenge. You just can’t work them out.
  • You’re currently stuck in a career or business you don’t love (and it might be a successful one), and feel trapped because you simply don’t know how to make the leap from a secure income into a role that will support and fulfil you.
  • You’re looking to create a more balance in your life so that each days feels easier, calmer and way more relaxed.
  • You find parenting hard and don’t know how to change your children’s behaviours. You want to be able to get through the day without snapping at them and then feeling guilty.
  • You want more intimacy and connection with your partner, to be able to share the parenting responsibilities and have more fun as a family.

“I’m much happier with my life balance and able to enjoy “now moments”.

“My challenges included: 1. More level-headed communication with my kids. 2. More balance and “me” time. 3. Not living in the moment and always rushing and thinking ahead and missing “now” moments. 4. Better communication with my husband. 5. Anxiety around illness and taking care of sick kids. I achieved every goal set.”

– P.M (Mother of 3)

What you get in the Parent As Leader Program

Pre-Program Preparation

Once you have completed the Application process and have enrolled in the program, you will receive 2 preparation forms via email. This information helps me understand what you really want to achieve from the PAL program, your past family history, and establish the areas we should focus on to ensure you get the most out of the program.

Compass Setting Session

In this 2 hour initial coaching session we discuss what is happening for you right now, identify the outcomes you desire, and then create very specific goals and timeline to achieve those outcomes. I then plan and personalise the 4 month program for you, so you have a clear direction and path to follow to achieve what you want. You’ll also discover how the program is going to go, how you’ll be supported and what to expect each step of the way.

7 x 90 min Coaching Sessions (via Skype or in person)

Each fortnight we catch up for a one-on-one 90 minute Coaching Session. I guide and support you though a series of powerful questions to identify what is challenging you, your current situation, mindset and beliefs. Once I have determined what is holding you back, I then teach you the specific strategies you can use, to turn those challenges around.

The whole coaching experience is safe and insightful, just like chatting to someone who genuinely cares about you and is just as invested in your success, as you are.

You’ll experience shifts, developmental changes and “aha” moments in your sessions – however it’s the life skills and strategies you learn and then implement afterwards, that will make transformational and permanent changes in your life.

Fortnightly Check-in & Action Steps

Immediately after each session I email you with a list of tasks (co-created within your session), for you to complete over the next 7-14 days. These tasks help you put into action immediately the insights and strategies we’ve discussed so you can start building your leadership skills and experience positive changes almost immediately.

In the alternate week between sessions, you check-in with me (via email) with an update on how you’re going with your tasks, any challenges that may have come up, and to request any extra support you may need.

I respond to your update (via email) within 48 hours with advice, ideas and guidance to help you keep moving forward, smooth out any rough patches and help you to continue to kick those goals!

Mid-Way Program Review

Halfway through your program (at approximately session 4 or 5), we assess how far you’ve come, the outcomes you’ve already achieved, and what there is still to achieve.

This is the time to reflect how far you’ve already come, to go through each of the outcomes we set and measure your progress, and identify the next steps you need to take to achieve your final outcomes. At this point you can easily see the finish line and your ultimate goals are now within arms reach.

End of Program Review

At the completion of your program we go through each of your outcomes, measure your progress once again, and celebrate all the wonderful things you’ve achieved.

You are now implementing the strategies and skills you’ve learned on a daily basis, noticing the positive changes and enjoying the benefits. On average 95% of clients achieve 100% of their outcomes on the PLC program, and are still witnessing dramatic improvements for themselves and their families years later.

Comprehensive Resources

In addition to your coaching sessions, you will also receive professional articles and relevant information throughout the program, hand-selected for your needs. 



ebook-thumbnail-whose-job-is-itIn addition to the full program, you will also receive these additional resources as my special gift to you:

  • A copy of my insightful ebook Whos Job Is It Anyway. A beneficial guide on how parents can equally share in parenting responsibilities, while maintaining heathy, loving relationships.
  • My 2 Part Video Series: Turn Parenting Stress Into Calm (Leadership Skills For Every Parent) In this exclusive training, you will not only learn how stress is created and it’s many layers, but also how to deconstruct it at choice, so you can respond better in the moment. {Value $495}



A Short-Term Commitment for a Lifetime of Gain 

Read to commit to living a rich and meaningful life, full of connection, fulfilment and joy?

For less than the cost of a 2 week resort holiday in Fiji (which btw will only give you a momentary sense of escape for one or two months at very best), you can invest in yourself and a program that gives you a lifetime of satisfaction.

Sure, there is work involved, but it is FAR less work than dealing with the daily battles you’re currently experiencing with yourself and your family – struggles that drain your energy and leave you tired, motivated and “blah.”

In just 4 short months you can discover how to realign with yourself, have more energy, more focus and more “you.”



“She has kicked a lot of personal goals, and I am just so proud of her.”

“Dina, I just want to give you a huge thank you for what you have done during your coaching sessions for my wonderful wife Laura. She has come so far and has tackled so many of the toughest aspects of life, that we all just avoid. She has kicked a lot of personal goals, and I am just so proud of her. The life lessons that you have instilled in her have and will continue to keep her focused. She has passed on some aspects for me to focus on and also so I can remind her when required! She is my best friend and my rock. And you have made that person just that little bit more beautiful too.”

– Karl Porter (Husband to Mum of 4)

Become a Role MODEL for Future Generations

I’ve created this program because as a coach and mentor to parents worldwide, I’ve seen hundreds of men and women struggling to reconnect and communicate to their children, only to get “taken out” by past programming from their own childhood experiences, or spinning their wheels for years without making any real progress.

For our future generations, we cant allow that to happen! 

Understanding yourself and learning new ways to change your perception, will not only help you enjoy being a parent so much more, but more importantly allow you to pass these tools and techniques on to your children and them, to their children.

Our firm belief is that as you and your family live your life on purpose and inspire your next generation to do the same, you contribute to changing the future of our humanity for the better. You effect a positive change. 

Lets make a difference to future generations today. 



Enrolment in the Parent as Leader program is by Application Only. There are 2 steps to the application process.

  1. 20 minute Phone Consultation

After registering your details, we will arrange an initial 20 minute chat to see if we will be a good fit for each other, and to determine if you are ready to begin the program.

This phone consultation is completely obligation free and great opportunity to ask questions about the Parent As Leader program and what to expect.

  1. Free 90 Minute Introductory Session

In this 1.5 hour Free session, you get to experience in real time a mini coaching session and my coaching style. In this relaxed and friendly session we discuss the information you shared in your application, the changes you wish to make, and introduce you to the coaching models you will experience in the program.

This is a fantastic way to experience the program in “real time” without any obligation to proceed.


My Personal

Satisfaction Guarantee

I’m so confident when you invest in Parent As Leader program you will be thrilled with your results, that I’m happy to offer every client my own personal ‘Satisfaction Guarantee’

This means, that if in the unlikely event you decide at the end of the 4 months, that this program wasn’t 100% right for you, or for where you‘re at right now, and having given the program your best, it has not helped you to transform your life and the life of your family, then all you have to do is request your money back — and it will be refunded no questions asked.

Based on the fantastic results I’ve achieved for all my clients I’m happy to offer this promise.



Q: How often will we be in contact with during the program?

A: We stay in contact every week during the program, with face-to-face fortnightly coaching sessions and email support in the alternative weeks.

Q: Can I realistically still participate in the program whilst juggling a busy work life and family?

A: In fact, the program is perfect for those leading a busy life, as it is designed to teach you the strategies and skills you need, to feel calm and fulfilled amongst the chaos.

Q: What if my partner is not on board? Will I still see results?

A: Absolutely. In our experience, one person making changes, is enough to lead the whole family to change.

Q: Does the program work for parents of children at all ages?

A: Yes. I have had clients with children ranging from 0 to 27 years (including one parent who gave birth during the program!). No matter what age your child, you and your family will still benefit greatly.

Q: Do you have a payment plan?

Yes, payment plans are available.


So If Youre Ready to Learn how to Lead Yourself, Your Family and Your Children, In a Way That Makes It Possible For You to Experience a Different level of Enjoyment and Connection with Yourself and Your Family for a Lifetime!

Just click the “apply here” button today, fill in your details and I’ll be in touch to book your free consultation.

Please be assured that your details 100% secure and once you submit your details, I’ll be in touch within 48 hours.

So, are you ready? Let’s get started!

With love,



Dina  xo

P.S. Remember, your free 20 minute consultation to learn more about whether Parent’s Leading Change is a good fit, is at absolutely NO RISK to you. You’ve got nothing to lose, and a lifetime to gain so register now.