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Life Purpose Discovery Session

Live 2-hour session for parents seeking clarity on a career direction that is personally fulfilling and financially viable.  One to one coaching in person or on Skype.

Has having children changed the way you think about your job?  Perhaps you enjoyed it before and it is now a struggle because of long hours?

Maybe you have taken some time out and decided it’s time for a change but no idea what?

Or now is simply the time to figure out what you love to do and/or how to make it viable?

Whatever your situation, are we agreed that whatever work you do must be fulfilling for your own happiness and  you know you’re a better parent when you are fulfilling your own needs as well as your child’s.

What is involved in the session? 

This session is a shortcut or a bypass to a direction that is for you. Your life purpose. As a facilitator it is my job to ask you the questions and then summarise back to you what I am hearing. Sounds simple doesn’t it? What if I told you I am trained in 52 sub-skills of listening? There are so many ways to listen that enable me as a coach to really hear you and really hear what is important to you.

What will I leave with at the end of the session? 

You will leave the session with 3 sentences that outline your personal mission statement.

What can you do with your personal mission statement?

It can be used as a compass to guide you to roles, companies, organisations, types of employment that would best suit you. It can become the foundation to your search for a new direction or a way to tweak your existing direction.

The take out for me was nailing down the definition of what I do

“Dina’s coaching session on ‘Discovering My Life Purpose’ was very inspiring. I had no expectations or preconceived ideas about what to expect during our session and went in with an open heart and mind. What a fantastic session it was. Dina is great detective, really helping to discover the core of who you are, what you love doing, what inspires you and what is important to you. She does this in such a way that feels completely safe, warm, nourishing and supportive. The take out for me was nailing down the definition of what I do. I had several ah-ha moments during and after the session. It really inspired me to own what I do and to continue the work that I do with a new found awareness.”  Morag, Mum of Thomas 6, Catriona 4

What can I expect to happen if I begin to follow my mission or purpose?

Work will no longer drain your energy like it used to – it will GIVE you energy. You’ll feel lighter and more creative. Ideas will flow quicker. You will be more motivated and WANT to leap out of bed in the morning!

How will identifying and living my life purpose  impact my family and family life?

As you live more in the direction of who you are, you become more fulfilled. The more fulfilled you are, the happier you are. This has a direct impact upon your family and family life. Guilt for leaving the children each day melts away because you know that the work you are doing is also important to you. You also inspire your children to follow your lead and do what they love.

How long is the session?

Two hours