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Entrepreneurial Assessment

Live 2-hour session for parents seeking clarity on whether entrepreneurship is for them.  One to one session in person or on Skype (includes online assessment).

Find out whether entrepreneurship is for you.

What is involved in the session? 

A research backed entrepreneurial assessment. Assessing your attitudes and motivations and how aligned you are for entrepreneurship.

With only 2% of businesses succeed. This world’s first study allows you to compare your attitudes and motivations to those that have bought and sold a business in 1-5 years for between $6m and $1.2bn.

What will I leave with at the end of the session? 

You will leave the session with understanding your natural talents for entrepreneurship and your potential blindspots.

How long is the session and what’s included?

Two hours in person or over Skype and includes a 20-minute online assessment.