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Hoogi Non-Residential Retreat Timetable


Saturday Sunday
Arrival 8.45am 9am
9.15am – 1pm 9.15am – 1pm
Morning1 Emotional Unshakeable
Mastery Self Esteem
Lunch 1pm-2pm
30 min Yoga (optional)
1pm2pm                                 10 min Foot Soak (optional)
Afternoon1 2.00pm-5.30pm 2.00pm-4.30pm
POWERful Mum Communicating confidently
5.30pm                                                         30min Yoga Nidra(optional)
Dinner2 6.30pm
Evening3 8.00pm Facial facilitation (Optional)
1 Morning and afternoon tea will be provided both days. On Saturday at approximately 11.15am and 3.30pm. On Sunday, morning tea at approx 11.15am and a quick break in the afternoon for an early 4.30pm finish.
2 Dinner is optional for you to stay back. The plan is to relax, order takeout (either share cost or pay your own), BYO wine and have some fun socialising with the other friendly mums.
3 The facial facilitation is  lovely for every mum who wants to peel back the layers and feel rejuvinated. All products and equipment will be provided.