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Hoogi Mind Retreat

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Do you know a Mum in need of some ‘Me time?’

2 days of fun, mind cleansing and relaxation for Mum!



What is a Mind Retreat?

A what?  Yes, you heard right, a Mind Retreat.

Put simply, this is an escape for Mums; an escape to clear your mind, order your mind and make space in your mind to allow you to be a Mum in the way you want to be a Mum, to your children.

Is life so hectic that you never feel you have given enough to your family? 

Do you feel overwhelmed with the enormity of daily routines?

Do you feel guilt that you go to work and then are so tired you cannot be the Mum you thought you would be or want to be?

It’s just the way it is when the kids are young, right?  Or is it?

So what if someone could whisk you away to relax for a weekend and teach you another way? 


Whether it is the big things, or small things that stand in your way; communication barriers with the kids, work, challenges with your partner or finding yourself again post-kids…whatever it is, this weekendguarantees to leave you with a different perspective on life and one that is positive, healthy and fits for you.
At Hoogi, our mission is to support as many mums as possible to THRIVE as a Mum and have fun along the way.

At Hoogi we believe that being in the present and living in the now is an important part of creating a fulfilling life.   How much do we hear, ‘be happy with what you have now,’ ‘live for the moment’ and we are not sure HOW?   On this retreat we will show the HOW.Imagine the impact that the change in you could have on your family and the positive empowering influence on your growing child…

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(NB. Registering your interest is not a commitment to buy, but requesting a call from Dina to chat through the retreat or to book)

Become the best you can be and want to be with the help of a Hoogi Mind Retreat.

Since 2011 Over 100 Hoogi clients have done just that.  Transformed their mindset and in turn, themselves by experiencing world-class facilitation in a nurturing, insightful and secure environment and now, for the first time, following the extremely successful series of Mini Mind Spas*, Hoogi are holding a weekend Mind Retreat to allow you the time and show you how, to create the ‘head space’ to really take charge of yourself and benefit from the whole Hoogi experience without the distractions of your usual routine.


The Location



Set in the beautiful NSW Central Coast, surrounded by 22 acres of gardens, paddocks, forest and hills, the Hoogi Mind Retreat is the perfect escape from it all.  Easily accessible and only 45 mins drive from the commencement of the F3 Freeway at Wahroonga or 8 mins from Ourimbah railway, the Retreat really is a journey worth making.


What will I learn and how will it help me?

Ultimately, you are going to go away with a different perspective on parenting.  Building confidence as a parent, Mum, wife, or partner, the Mind Retreat will send you away as the parent you want to be and create the family you want to be a part of.  Sensitively and knowledgeably lead by Dina Cooper, a speaker and internationally qualified coach for Mums, she will help you to recognise the conscious and unconscious choices you make that are creating your current experience of being a Mum and how you can change it should you choose to.

You may feel you are not heard as a Mum or a wife; perhaps you struggle to manage  your emotions and so here, with Hoogi, you can learn how to create an unshakable foundation of self-esteem, confidence and fun, where you are the unstoppable Mum demonstrating this strength to your children.

Throughout the weekend, you will learn key communication skills to help you set up the boundaries which will allow you to take control of your family time and focus on the barriers you, as an individual, face as a Mum.  Lets not forget everyone is different, therefore the weekend will evolve to suit each person’s challenges and needs.

And as there are limited spaces, there really will be individual and group opportunities to explore and learn how to implement the change you seek in an intimate and secure environment.


Will I be sat in a classroom all weekend?

Pretty woman doing yoga exercises in the park

Absolutely not!  Sure this is about learning, but it is also about taking some much-needed relaxation time and time for you. Dina recognises, as a Mum herself that you all need to grab a chance like this; maybe to simply catch up on sleep or take an uninterrupted bath! So the weekend has plenty of time for this and more.  There will be options to attend yoga sessions, have a relaxing facial, enjoy a meal and socialise with the other Mums.  Or why not enjoy a glass of wine in front of the fire in the cosy surrounds of the countryside.  And there are plenty of breaks and refreshments throughout the learning stages.

And if you are still unsure, why not attend a free taster session with Dina or even jump on a Mini Mind Spa series of 4 workshops, designed to kick start your journey to your ideal Mum status and give you the tools to really love your life!



Here is what some other Mums have said about their Hoogi experience…

Sally Wiseman, Mum of two, aged 18 months and 3 years says:

“From my coaching with hoogi I gained a whole new way of looking at life with positivity, ambition and being proud of being who I am. I am a better person and mum to my children as I have confidence and understanding on what my values and beliefs are and I’m not afraid of being challenged on those or have a fear of failing anymore. As a result of my coaching I am having more fun with being spontaneous and having fun with my children and experiencing more fun in relationships such as with my husband and with friends. I’m really enjoying giving new things a go as I’m not afraid of failure and enjoy the process of being really bad at something as it means I’m learning something new and exciting! The program and the way it was conducted was highly professional and yet maintained such a supportive caring nature. I would highly recommend Hoogi and Dina to anyone.”

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Anna Town – Mum of 2, Ages 4 and 6 says:

“The Hoogi Mini Mind Spa series gave me the chance to take myself out of the day-to-day and really think about my relationship with my kids and my husband which is something that I had not done before. It allowed me to have a new perspective on things and really consider my reactions and behaviours towards my family. Being in a group was really helpful to be able to share experiences. We found that there were a lot of common experiences and challenges and were able to talk through the solutions together. I directly took some techniques that another mum had shared in terms of dealing with her daughter with my own child, which I found really helpful. Dina was really insightful, brought up topics and ideas that made me stop and think. She challenged us to really consider what barriers we had in front of us that stopped

us from being the mum we wanted to be and then helped come up with ways to work through them. She blended well everyday experiences with psychology theory that gave a good balance and helped me approach my thinking differently in some aspects of my life. The mini mind spa series exceeded my expectations. I didn’t have one major issue or blockage that I wanted to overcome in my life but it definitely helped me to think more broadly about my relationships with my family and how I can enjoy life even more! Take the time to do something for you. This is the first time I have done anything like this and it has been a great experience to understand that most mums are experiencing similar challenges and there are easy techniques for you to improve communication and relationships within your family.”



The total cost of the weekend, including all group workshops and individual time with Dina, luxury accommodation, delicious freshly prepared meals, yoga and beautiful botanical products provided for a self-facial treatment designed to take you back to your original beauty and make you feel truly good about yourself, is $995 (for a single room).  Or, why not come along with a friend (or two!) for a reduced price* and share a twin or triple room and share the experience!

Gift vouchers are also available and make the ideal Mother’s Day gift from Dad, Grandparents or even from a group of friends that know a Mum who could do with a break.

*Book with 1 friend and save $75 each. Book with two friends and save $100 each.


What next?

To experience this fantastic weekend and return home with the tools you crave to turn your Mum-time into the best it can be, simply contact Dina at dinacooper@hoogi.com.au or call her for a no obligation chat on 0404 125 103 to learn more.  Or of course, book on a free taster session!



Spaces for the Hoogi Mind Retreat are strictly limited to 12 to ensure a personal experience for everyone, with a variety of room options available to accommodate friends and therefore reserving your place early is essential.  You can do this by contacting Dina direct on 0404 125 103 or registering via the website at www.hoogi.com.au/2-day-hoogi-mind-retreat-for-mums/ ‎ And you can also see more about the location at www.awabaspiritualyogaretreat.com.au

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Make Mothers Day 2014 a turning point in your beautiful journey through Parenthood…


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(NB. Registering your interest is not a commitment to buy, but requesting a call from Dina to chat through the retreat or to book)