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Do you want your shopping trip to look like this…?

But is the reality more like this…?

Is the reality more like this?


We have all been there. It’s the last week before school starts, the shops are busy, you have a list as long as your arm of things to buy for school and woe betide if you buy the wrong pencil case or forget the 5 glue sticks and with shoes to buy too there is only one thing for it. You must shop with the kids…cue stress. Cue tantrums, arguments, tears all culminating in you worrying even more that you have so much to do and could do without spending half an hour selecting pencils!


Ok, let’s see if I can relieve some of that for you and give you a way of managing this scenario better to leave you feeling more at ease with the whole process.


It’s all about being able to fully immerse yourself and here’s how…