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I was mortified to hear my 7-year-old son say to another little boy,

“You are so mean and you ruin everything!”

We had invited a school friend over to our house for a playdate and his mum had just arrived to pick him up. My son had become frustrated with his friend who had been destructive with his toys and had deliberately disrupted the games they were playing which resulted in no one being able to play.


And so, my son expressed this frustration verbally.
Why am I telling you this? What is the significance of this expression of frustration?
Is it important for our children to express themselves in their own way or should we as parents, teach our children to express themselves differently in order to say what they want to say yet also be kind in the process?

And so this episode of Parents Leading Change TV we are discussing the 3 Step Strategy I used in this situation and how I found it possible to empower my child to portray his feelings without insulting his friend.


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With love and fun,

Dina and the Hoogi Team