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Two months ago, I had one of worst months of my life. I went into hospital for a routine surgery, which resulted in a life threatening complication. That same week, my son broke his arm. A week later I lost my cousin to cancer. A week after that my son went into hospital with a severe asthma attack and then shortly after that I found out a colleague had taken her life. It was intense.

During this same period, I committed to writing my book. Have you ever had times, when something is just meant to happen and everything conspires to make it happen? Well that’s what happened. I found my editor, my writing flowed. I met every deadline. And after 8 weeks of intense writing, often through the night, this book came to form: Smart Parenting – How to Develop Your Child’s Mindset, Resilience and Courage for the Future of Work

It didn’t stop there, the main cover was designed in one round, the printers were helpful, I learnt about barcodes and ISBNs and proofreaders all when I needed to.

Then one day during the school holidays (yes, it was school holidays during this period too) my mastermind buddies mentioned Dr John Demartini. They said he often comes to town and to check him out. It just so happened he was in town a week later.

I booked two tickets and together with my husband, we went to see him. For the whole session, it was like someone had crawled into my head and understood what I had been trying to say for years, but not been able to articulate. Not well, anyway. He shared some excellent resources for parents. Afterwards, I went to speak with him (that’s the picture above) and we discussed one of the resources, I said thank you and went home.

When I got home I knew I wanted to request an endorsement from Dr John Demartini. By this time my book was written and I sent him the first chapter. This was now close to midnight. Twenty minutes later an email from Dr Demartini entered my inbox. He said, ‘Congratulations. Bravo. I just read through it. In depth’  and went on to say he’d love to endorse my book.

Now this is a person who speaks 252 days of the year to crowds of 5,000 or more and he was taking the time to email me. A few emails back and forth and here’s what he said,

‘Dina’s new book ‘Smart Parenting’ and her vision of the future of work and how we can help children own the magnificence of who they truly are, needs to be read and embodied by every parent.’

Dr John Demartini – International best-selling author of The Values Factor.

At 12.26am my book was officially endorsed by Dr John Demartini.

I share this with you to let you know to believe in yourself. When you know you can help someone, find a way to share it. Don’t give up. Because if this progress has been possible for me, it is possible for anyone.

And most of all, let’s teach every child to believe in themselves.