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Parenting in the digital world – with so many conflicting thoughts, feelings and emotions when it comes to families and technology, it can be hard to keep up.


I know I’m guilty of being on my phone a lot and often feel that pang of guilt when I know I really should put my phone down. There are times when my kids “catch” me scrolling on my phone, when I’m not entirely present for them and I know I am distracted. The thing is, screen time and devices can be really addictive and incredibly distracting, but can often bring a welcome escape from a busy day.


What I’m realising however, is that this distraction comes with a cost. My kids listen to me less, they feel more justified to use limitless technology themselves, and we engage with each other a lot less.


I don’t believe omitting technology altogether is the answer – it is a significant part of our present and future, and being online is important for many for work and lifesaving for others, who may not otherwise have access to information that can help them. I do think though that the answer may be to create boundaries around each person’s usage. Maybe what we need to do is have some balance around technology – embrace it, but manage it? Maybe that’s the answer?


In a quest to decide, I recently had a particularly insightful chat with Mandie Spooner from “Digital Detox – Be a Present Parent.” Mandie’s vision is to be able to support others to find the balance and discusses why this balance is so important for our kids and us.






or contact Mandie at mandie@vivahealthandwealth.com