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little girl tasting tomato while her parents cooking in kitchen


In our busy lives, it’s so easy to get on with things, get out the door in the morning, get the kids off to daycare or school, work furiously, get home, put the dinner on, eat dinner (sometimes before 9pm if you’re lucky or disciplined!), bath kids, put kids to bed then do a bit more work and flop into bed.  And start all over again the next day.   All the while, thinking…when will my partner think of some of the things that need to be done for the family, so I have at least a little time for me? Or how can I reduce the constant overwhelm of family stuff that needs to be done?

How can you do all the family related things without building resentment and the “I did more than you today – I’m shattered” or  “it’s your turn to do the bath, I did it yesterday” tussle;  Or being silent and getting on with it without any help. Does this sound familiar?

The mental energy it takes to engage in these tussles takes away mental and physical energy that can be used elsewhere. Not to mention the negative vibes it creates around the children, which you are already aware of and really don’t want.

It doesn’t have to be this way. What if you could spend a couple of hours in a structured way to work through this stuff and everyone’s more energetic and lighter as a result, would you do want to do it? What would you do with all that extra energy and time that you’ll save daily?  And what would you be doing differently with your partner and children as a result?

I know things are not that bad right now – you can carry on day to the day the way it is, but thats not enough for you. You want daily family life to be the BEST it can be. Find out how you can work together with your partner so you are no longer competing for time and instead working together as an equal partnership.

Set aside two hours to read my e-book and execute the exercise in it to create your family values today.


Whose Job Is It Anyway: A Happy Parent’s Guide To Sharing Parenting Responsibilities