Praising Your Child to Promote a Growth Mindset

As parents we worry about praise – are we praising enough? are we praising too much? what should we praise? This episode brings a different perspective on selecting how to praise your child and an empowering rule of thumb when praising, which every parent needs to know.

Getting Your Strong-Willed Child To Listen More

Do you find yourself repeating instructions over and over again? Do you find that your child is just not that bothered about praise? Do you find your child is quite sensitive to your instructions and a certain tone can result in tears? This can be stressful for both you and your child. This episode explains what may be going on and how you can change it….

Our Very First Weekend Retreat

And what a weekend it was. This first retreat set about guiding mums to learn the art of making space in their mind to be able to follow the energy of their children and life in general. The result? More fun! As a family we believe and have proven, that the more you can do this, the more you thrive and because you become the ultimate role model, the more your children thrive. Everybody wins. And 8 more mums are now putting this theory to the test and I cannot wait to hear the results! And because we recognised that a weekend alone is rare and cannot be wasted, we made sure there was some relaxation, cake, giggles and even a takeaway dinner! Take a look at some of the action! Mums enjoying a luxurious Arbonne facial with Sal Wiseman   Ahh…the wet feet! Lunchtime soak anyone?   How did the Mind Retreat benefit mums? Through open and candid discussion in a relaxed and non-judgmental atmosphere, the mums were able to explore their emotions and begin to lay down a foundation for unshakeable self-esteem and self-worth and build a structure by which to communicate confidently. And to be able to leave the Retreat feeling empowered and prepared to approach difficult situations with husband, family, children, work colleagues, by having worked through new and healthy ways to think and feel, they were ready to make lasting changes for the better, a reality. Wow. All from a weekend with hoogi.   Yoga with the gorgeous Lou from Footsteps   And here is what some of the mums had to say afterwards: RW, Working...

Speaking Up For Yourself

I had an interesting experience on a night out last night.

I ordered a cocktail that I later realised had an incorrect ingredient in it. I had drank most of but didn’t enjoy it and then knew why…

In my mind, I was clear – I had ordered and paid for a cocktail. The ingredients were incorrect and therefore it was the bar tenders responsibility to correct it to what was ordered and paid for.

Sounds simple doesn’t it. And yet why is it, often the most simple things like sending an order back, can be the most difficult to do?

A Mother’s Day Poem I have written for you…

A mother has a unique gift
One that is unsurpassed, unrequited and unrepeatable by another.
Your role, your privilege,
Your strengths, your learnings,
Those moments when you rise and fall…

How to Yell Less and Be Calmer as a Parent

My neighbour said to me last week, I can’t imagine you to be anything other than calm, when I shared with her I was a shouter. I would shout so much to get the kids to do things, to try to get mine and the family needs met. When things didn’t get done, the shouting would get progressively louder. Back then I didn’t know what I know now.I shared a post on our Facebook page the other day  – to be a calm parent “Create a space between you and your child ‘s reaction”Then I had a client yesterday, she said Dina, I have read so many self help books, read so many mantras, followed so many philosophies of people that I admire and I still do not have the ability to create this space between myself and a reaction – I’m better, but I still haven’t nailed it! By the end of the session, she understood WHY this was the case. Creating space to respond is a life skill that enables you to thrive… This is not the first time I have had clients come to me and say that they have been to meditation, alternative therapies, parenting courses and they still haven’t mastered creating the space where you stop before you respond so the whole situation doesn’t blow up in your face and spiral out of control. What I understand now, what the client understood by the end of yesterday’s session and what all my clients now know, is that it is how you filter an event in your mind will determine how you experience that event....

Teaching Kids About Love

  Do you ever think about how to create little Valentines out of your children? What is it that will allow them to create a thriving loving relationship that enables them to go the very depths of their being and be vulnerable enough to share that with another person? After being divorced and remarried, there was one thing that I wanted more than anything else – I wanted my children to be born into a happy marriage. A marriage where parents could communicate, problems were dealt with, love was displayed openly and comfortably and there was chemistry between the parents!  I feel so grateful to have these things with my husband today. When my husband and I first got married, I didn’t fully comprehend how much our behaviour and actions would influence our children. I understand that now and over time I also realised that it was my relationship-based decisions that enabled my current relationships to be happy and more importantly, set my children up to experience similar happy relationships. My work as a coach has allowed me to connect with many mums so they too have a better understanding when it comes to the degree of influence a parent’s behaviour can have on their children.  I have coached countless mums who have changed their own behaviour and gone on to influence their husband or partner to adjust their behavior, which has had a remarkable effect on the children. As an example, Kate* and her husband would continuously argue about discipline until they got so frustrated with each other, one of them would walk away and the conflict would not...

The Ultimate Christmas Gift For Your Child

I’ve been sitting here thinking about what I can share with you at this time of year as we approach Christmas. What could I share with you that would be so important that in your heart of hearts you will already know it?  What is it that I need to remind you of at this crazy time of year? Now I know what I need to share with you and it is about the gift of our fun spirit as parents. Our fun spirit which is supposed to be so alive at this time of year can be squashed under the weight of pre-Christmas organisation. There are parties to go to or organise, end of school year events, holiday organisation, shopping, present buying, cooking…  The list goes on. The good news is that even if you can’t see or feel your spirit of fun, your child can. When your children look up at you, they see it.  When they come running to you at school pick up time on the last school day of the year, they see it. Your child sees through your busyness and all the holiday preparations, straight through to the heart of you – the true essence of you. She sees the fun parent inside.  Yes, she’s still there underneath it all. When you see yourself through your child’s eyes you will rediscover yourself and remember that fun is an essential part of life.  It’s an especially important part of your child’s life and you have the chance to share in it. Some of you already know how to show your fun side, while others are...

Sex Post Kids

As I write this I am on a short flight between Sydney and Melbourne, sitting on a row of three seats in between two males I don’t know.
I guess my fears are around a fear of judgement and a fear of vulnerability that comes with talking openly about sex.