Are you fulfilled?

When life keeps dropping you hints to change your work.

And there’s that gnawing feeling inside that won’t go away.

Parenting jobs are never ending, however feeling overwhelmed can be helped. Watch this video:

Becoming overwhelmed with the amount of tasks on your list is probably every busy parents battle and probably a daily one at that. Demands from school, friends, family, business, hobbies not to mention health and financial concerns, all add up to put pressure on us. But it’s ok, as this is perfectly normal and becoming overwhelmed is also ok. So take a deep breath and listen to my strategy for coping with overwhelm.

Beat the school morning blues with this simple idea…

You’ve been up since 6am, you’ve battled the getting dressed stage, wrestled through breakfast, hunted for missing hats, readers and homework, discovered there is homework to complete and now, just when you are in the home-straight, there is the small matter of rallying your troops to the front door and into the car without shouting, screaming or collapsing into a jabbering heap.

If you have an agreement on who does what around the house, how explicit is it?

Many couples struggle to agree on the balance of responsibility in their home and the actual execution of that responsibility. And this is the subject of this episode of Parent’s Leading Change TV, where I share 3 simple ways for you to begin addressing this issue in your home and building a balance which works for you.

We know what a resilient child is supposed to do. Learn HOW they can actually do it?

Resilience. Such an important trait to develop yet many parents find it difficult themselves before even considering how they are going to help their child to develop it. I shared some articles recently, on this very subject and wanted to focus a little bit more on some practical strategies to help you build resilience whether it is at work or within your personal relationships…