Choosing wisely

I want my children to be clear on their values and choose relationships that reflect their ideals and values and I know that starts with me. 

Decision Fatigue

The majority of focus is often placed on your physical energy, ensuring adequate sleep, food and exercise.  The mental energy you consume plays an equally important role in your daily thriving.

‘Shoulding’ depletes your energy

As working parents, we are striving to operate in a smarter way. Auditing your list of shoulds can help release mental energy and help you focus your time and energy where it matters most.

Fear of Failure

As parents we do the best we can. There is no doubt we will screw up at some time or another. The question is what do you say to yourself when you think you might screw up and how much airtime do you give it?

Your Choices, Your Life

Confirmation bias theory suggests we have a tendency to search for, interpret and favour information in a way that confirms our pre-existing beliefs. We could be making choices to confirm beliefs that may well be outdated. The beliefs we grew up with may not be the best ones to support us today.

The No.1 Skill to Parent as a Leader

There are various styles of leadership, each with different outcomes. The 19th century autocratic style of leadership was one of command and control, dominant in the industrial age to encourage employees to conform and mass produce.

Parenting as a Leader

It’s odd to think about parenting as a leadership role and yet anthropologically speaking they are the same.

You are not failing

Do you feel that if you can’t make work and family work that you are not trying hard enough or somehow you not good enough? You are not failing. 

3 Common Fears In Parenting

Even if you are fairly level-headed person, it’s common to experience an increase in the number of fears you have after having children.

6 reasons to stop comparing in parenting

Parenting can be a competitive arena. Whether it’s the type of activity a child is doing or where you are going for your winter break, some comparisons are overt and others are more subtle. Read more..