Torn between family and work

If you’re a high achiever, you still want to be hitting your deadlines, attending meetings and keeping your finger on the pulse. The idea of a child’s sickness pausing your work progress can be a real challenge.

Working parent’s currency

For working parents, flexibility is the most valuable currency there is. Being able to pick up your child from school a couple of times a week, attend a child’s concert, take them to an activity…

The Achievement Shift

So many executive parents find themselves at a loss after having a child because they can no longer relate to their pre-child achievement criteria.

Aligning Family and Work

If you don’t yet know who she is, Jacinda Arden, is one of the greatest political leaders of our time. She is a powerful, peaceful force to be reckoned with. But what has this got to do with working parents?

A busy parent’s guide to raising awesome kids

In amongst all of this reality, nowhere once are you taught how to thrive in amongst the sheer volume of responsibility. It’s not a question of reducing your career (which is an option some choose), it’s a question of how do I do all the things that make me feel alive and ensure my children and family thrive too?

Sharing the mental load

Whilst in most families, both parents are working, women are still doing the lion’s share of the work. Census data clearly shows Australian women spend, on average, 5 to 14 hours per week in unpaid domestic work…

Work-life balance for dads

Frequently we hear about women who are asked about family in job and media interviews, when men are rarely being asked. Whilst this is frustrating, it’s interesting to step back and understand why this bias still exists and how men can help shift it.

Parent Guilt

It’s OK to feel guilty. It’s letting you know that there’s a values conflict – two things that are important to you are colliding. It’s when that guilt feeling spirals and you tell yourself you shouldn’t feel guilty…

Work-life blend…not balance

The term work-life balance implies there is a holy grail way to live life and work in specified portions that will output a good quality of life. Whilst traditionally we looked at time spent at work versus outside of work. High performers are working in a different way.