Parent Guilt

It’s OK to feel guilty. It’s letting you know that there’s a values conflict – two things that are important to you are colliding. It’s when that guilt feeling spirals and you tell yourself you shouldn’t feel guilty…

Work-life blend…not balance

The term work-life balance implies there is a holy grail way to live life and work in specified portions that will output a good quality of life. Whilst traditionally we looked at time spent at work versus outside of work. High performers are working in a different way.

Time is precious…

As I watch a movie with my children tonight, I will hold them just that little bit tighter. It’s a sobering thought, none of us really know when moments will be our last..

Overcoming guilt

Despite knowing all of this, Sharon still feels guilty and conflicted and she’s not alone. Research into the attitudes of 1,000 working parents (or expectant parents) carried out on behalf of the Work and Family Show, found that 81 per cent of mothers…

You family vision

A strong vision of success is essential to great leadership as a parent. Without a vision, daily tasks can feel hollow and operational, rather than practical and meaningful.  

Build your child’s motivation

When fear underpins your goals for your child, this projection can result in your child developing motivation to please you rather than achieving a goal for themselves.

Being versus Doing

Research carried out by UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Centre found regularly expressing gratitude literally changes the molecular structure of the brain and makes us healthier and happier.

Every child is genius

Every child is a genius. I was angry because he has never been recognised or awarded for the thing he does best, because the current system doesn’t measure this.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

As parents, how much do you need to see external achievements to see if your child is on track? Are you able to trust that a child will learn when left to play and discover at their own pace?

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