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About Us

about us

What we’re About

At hoogi, our mission is to facilitate as many mums as possible to THRIVE as a mum and have fun along the way.  In doing so, our vision is to be the most respected personal coaching company for mums in Australia.

Our Name

The name “hoogi” comes from the Danish word “hygge” (pronounced “hoogi”). It means “an intimate and impromptu gathering of people”.

As a company we see a lot of value in the impact that we can have on each other as human beings.

The name came about when Dina, the founder of hoogi, googled her ultimate desire, “happiness.” She found a Forbes study carried out between 2005 and 2009  that found Denmark to be the happiest country in the world. One of the main reasons for this was their regular hygges (or hoogies).  Someone would walk down the street and another fellow would shout from their home, “come on in, have a drink, have some food!” This is a hoogi.

Whilst a planned meeting has it’s place, think about the last time you had an unplanned meeting with your partner or a friend.  You decided to have a drink and a chat in the spur of the moment – did you feel more exhilarated than a meeting planned weeks in advance?

In today’s world where we increasingly live and work to schedules planned weeks in advance, we have little time for hoogies.

At hoogi we believe that being in the present and living in the now is an important part of creating a fulfilling life.   As an organisation created to enable your happiness and fulfillment, we want for you to enjoy plenty of hoogies!