About Dina

There’s happiness and there’s HAPPINESS

There’s the superficial, momentary, external kind of happiness. And there’s the sustained, consistent type of happiness. The kind that comes from within.

The kind of happiness that creates ripples not just for your kids, your partner, your workplace but it can actually impact your entire world around you.

If you had a choice, which one would you go for?

hoogi is about making that possibility a reality.

How Hoogi Was Born

Well hello there! I’m Dina Cooper!

When I was growing up we moved from living on top of a shop we owned (seven of us in two bedrooms) to a BIG, shiny house with a swimming pool. My mum and dad worked hard and they created us a life better than they had themselves, like every parent desires. When we moved to this house, I made a decision. I decided I needed to fit in. Somehow I wasn’t good enough for the Jones’ next door and down the street, so I needed to change myself and adapt in any way required to “fit in.” This began a spiral of “trying to fit in” and disconnected me from WHO I AM in the process. It’s been exhausting wearing shoes that don’t fit properly. 39 years on and the penny has finally dropped that that’s what I have been doing LIVING IN SHOES THAT DON’T FIT – gosh my feet were hurting!

The irony is when we try to fit in with others, we actually fit in less because there’s always an awkwardness or discomfort when you’re not truly who you are – don’t you think?

True happiness comes from happiness within ourselves first.

Don’t kid yourself that you feel happy with another, if you’re not happy with yourself. At best you will rely on others to complete your existence and give away a part of your soul, little by little, in the process. It never turns out well in the end. Trust me I know. I spent my first marriage on eggshells, constantly trying to prove my worth, prove who I was. For all the time I spent trying to convince my, then husband of who I was, my time would have been better spent convincing myself. Because the truth is another person cannot see who you truly are until you SEE IT yourself, BELIEVE IT and BACK YOURSELF. This is how you create HAPPINESS within yourself.

dina-husbandOnce I did this I found the man of my dreams. We have an awesome marriage, two beautiful boys and an authentic partnership. We ride the ups and downs of life together.

We are truly equal in our relationship and parenting. And sometimes love being silly! ☺

At work I had the accounting job with the six-figure salary, I worked hard, I got results, but that gnawing feeling in my chest would not go away. Eventually I listened, I gave it all up and started to chase my dreams in human change. In hindsight, I wouldn’t recommend the abrupt transition that I made, it was tough in the early years. But in truth it was worth it, I’ve caught up to my dreams and they are now my reality.

Today I don’t work to live I LIVE TO WORK!

When you do the work you are born to do, your skills get stronger, you stand out, you progress quickly because no-one else can do this work, in the way you can. I know it’s not always easy to narrow down what you love in a way you can make a career out of it so I have developed a session that helps you do this and it’s the way I started out on my journey to find and follow my purpose and create my dream job.

dina-kidsWhat is a happy family…?

In essence it’s simple really – an environment where everyone is loved for who they are, they have space to be themselves and are accepted and encouraged to be who they are above all else. In practice, it’s a little more complex so in my blog I love breaking down day-to-day situations, into steps that any parent can use and implement to increase their family connection and raise happy kids.

I feel so grateful to have a family connection like this today.

So putting all of this together, this is how I help you empower yourself as a parent and you then take this into life of your child. Helping you to be happy within yourself, happy in your partnership and happy with your kids. These are the three pillars of Smart Parenting  – Lead yourself, Lead your family, Lead your child. My Raising Happy Humans course introduces these concepts and gets you started.

Happiness is where it’s at. At home with your children, in your relationship with your partner, in your family, in your friendships, in your work, in your health (I’m in progress with this one….BUT I’m getting there!).

Today through Hoogi, Smart Parenting and Raising Happy Humans, I help individuals and families feel that happiness. They feel ALIVE! And LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST.

If I can help YOU feel this HAPPINESS and feel this ALIVE, my job here is done and one day I’m dying one happy lady (with science progressing the way it is today that may even be in a century from now…hehehe..!).

Being truly happy is allowing yourself to experience the joys of life, while empowering yourself to navigate the challenges.

Don’t wait another minute to live YOUR FULL LIFE!!!

With Love


Dina CooperAbout Dina Cooper

Dina began her working life as a chartered management accountant, transitioning into change management within the banking sector. She quickly discovered her aptitude and love of human change and went on to employ her skills by supporting clients who had been made redundant, in their transition into another job or career.

In 2011, recognising her own struggles as a parent, Dina went on to formally study Meta-Coaching and is now a transformational coach. ‘Meta’ simply means ‘to go above’ and is coaching that focuses on the structure of how the challenging situation is created as well as the specifics of the situation. Once the how is known it can commonly be translated into different contexts resulting in life transforming coaching.

Dina’s realisation that she simply did not feel like the mum she had always dreamed she would be, prompted her to then seek a coach of her own to overcome these challenges.

Through this coaching, her own training as a coach and ultimately, her absolute enjoyment of her work supporting other parents, she now benefits from enjoying daily life as a mum and loves the fun she has with her two boys and with her husband, whom she feels connected and fulfilled with.

Dina is a firm advocate of personal empowerment and its contribution to personal success. Her faith in the belief that if you know and like who you are and what you stand for, then you have the tools you need, to be the parent you want to be.

Whilst accounting is not an industry you would associate Dina with today, Dina utilises her skills to help parents audit their minds. Immersed in engaging with parents to support them to become more consciously aware of how they parent, when seeking Dina’s services, you will be immediately struck by her intuitive and empathetic approach to a parenting challenge, demonstrating her ability to hone in on underlying difficulties and work through, to what can only be described, as a miraculous result!

Everything Dina shares is to achieve the one goal her clients all seek: to make life easier and more enjoyable as parents.

Dina is a professionally certified Meta Coach(ACMC) and holds the title of Coaching for Executives at the Australian Graduate School of Management. Dina lives in Sydney Australia speaking and coaching full time, face to face or remotely and supporting clients throughout the world.