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Resilience. Such an important trait to develop yet many parents find it difficult themselves before even considering how they are going to help their child to develop it. I shared some articles recently, on this very subject and wanted to focus a little bit more on some practical strategies to help you build resilience whether it is at work or within your personal relationships…

How many times in life do we get knocked over; something happens with our health, in our relationship, at work? And we are also great at knocking ourselves over with our hurtful thoughts and sometimes, even actions like eating the wrong food or not getting enough sleep. The thing that allows us to pick up ourselves up and move forward is resilience. And that’s the topic for this month’s Parents Leading Change TV.

I consider myself to be resilient.

There can be times when I have dark thoughts, times when things get on top of me, times when I feel the rut I am stuck in is going to consume me, however I always have the underlying glimmer of hope that everything will be ok. I remind myself I can learn something during these times and I’ll come out of it even stronger and I always do.

After going through a coaching program, I learnt how to add another layer of resilience that has made me feel strong and borderline invincible and I wanted to share with you, 3 key things I have learnt and also instil in my children. Because they are not commonly spoken about, mainly because most people are not aware of how impactful they are on resilience, I really want to share them with you today.


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