Leading Next Gen is no small task…

In addition to navigating kids not listening, emotional outbursts and getting them off technology, you also have the mammoth task of preparing your child for a future landscape we know little of.
With robotics, artificial intelligence and digital transformation, 1 in 4 Australians fear the loss of their job by 2020.
So what can you focus on to ensure your child is prepared? 
At hoogi, we connect with the world’s leading organisations in people analytics to bring to you the answers to these questions.
You will find here ways to lead your child that will enable them to create their own path and foster the resilience and compassion we know are required to thrive.

Whilst we don’t know what the future will look like, we do know with the right attitudes and motivations your child will be prepared to face everything and rise.

For Parents

Do what you do everyday with more impact and less effort. You are already stretched in time, energy and resources. Our products are about how you get more out of your time, increase quality and feel happier throughout your day and more importantly how to teach this to your children.


For Teachers

Torn between a system that is demanding and a classroom full of children that you only want to do your best by, how do you navigate the overwhelming responsibilities and demands on your time, whilst still being innovative and at the forefront of your field? We teach you the ins and outs of how you can create more space and more capacity to bring out the best in your kids by developing a culture of thinking in your classroom.


About Dina Cooper

Obsessed with thinking and how our minds work, Dina works with passionate Parents and Teachers to develop a culture of thinking. This means both the thinking of the group or family as a whole, as well as each member, is valued, seen and actively encouraged. This creates a real sense of working together and creates a culture of co-creating life and ideas. This contributes to everyone’s daily quality of life.

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