Lead yourself happy


Being truly happy is allowing yourself to connect and experience the joys of life while empowering yourself to navigate the challenges.
You being happy creates positive ripples not just for your kids, your partner, your workplace but it can actually impact your entire world.
You know all of this, yet it is not real in your life. You are not living this happiness each day.
At Hoogi we can help you rewire your mind using customised tools and resources to create YOUR definition of “being happy”.
This happiness is sustainable because it is based on YOUR values, YOUR sense of self and YOUR choices rather than living up to the society’s definition of happiness.
This is what makes it REAL. 

Family Happiness

Busy is a common buzzword in today’s world, I’m busy at work, I have a busy family life. Busy, busy, busy. It is a busy mind that drives a busy life and disconnects us from those we love most. What if there is a way to be more productive and experience calm? We empower you with the leadership skills and strategies to audit and organise your mind and create a family connection where everyone genuinely wins and thrives.


Workplace Happiness

People are often told to ‘be present’ and ‘be engaged’ at work. However many people simply don’t know how to do it. We’ll show you how you can work with your mind to create the space, time, energy and clarity to be more productive. Creating a culture of profitability for employers and motivation for staff. Microplay – big impacts through small moments of time.


About Dina Cooper

Dina Cooper is a mum, parent coach and mentor to individuals, communities and businesses, an author and also a warm and inspirational speaker. With an all-consuming desire to support parents to perform at their best and in turn, the parents to bring out the best in their children, Dina strives to create the passionately connected family life her audience aspires to.


Blogs and Articles by Dina Cooper

Our mum’s retreat featured in Daily Telegraph’s Kidspot

Never before has a retreat encompassed journeying through the powerful inner workings of you as a mum and learning outer parenting tools and strategies to use with your children. A proven combination to enable you to be your best. And all of this in lush surroundings.