Being happy


 That’s what all of us want. Not the superficial, momentary, external kind of happiness.
A sustained and consistent happiness.

This is the kind of happiness that comes from within.
You being happy creates positive ripples not just for your kids, your partner, your workplace but it can actually impact your entire world.


Being truly happy is allowing yourself to connect and experience the joys of life while empowering yourself to navigate the challenges.


At Hoogi we can help you rewire your mind using customised tools and resources to create YOUR definition of “being happy”.

This happiness is sustainable because it is based on YOUR values, YOUR sense of self and YOUR choices rather than living up to the society’s definition of happiness.

Family Connections

Busy is a common buzzword in today’s world, I’m busy at work, I have a busy family life. Busy, busy, busy. It is a busy mind that drives a busy life and disconnects us from those we love most. What if there is a way to be more productive and experience calm? We empower you with the leadership skills and strategies to audit and organise your mind and create a family connection where everyone genuinely wins and thrives.


Workplace Connections

People are often told to ‘be present’ and ‘be engaged’ at work. However many people simply don’t know how to do it. We’ll show you how you can work with your mind to create the space, time, energy and clarity to be more productive. Creating a culture of profitability for employers and motivation for staff. Microplay – big impacts through small moments of time.


About Dina Cooper

Dina Cooper is a mum, parent coach and mentor to individuals, communities and businesses, an author and also a warm and inspirational speaker. With an all-consuming desire to support parents to perform at their best and in turn, the parents to bring out the best in their children, Dina strives to create the passionately connected family life her audience aspires to.


Blogs and Articles by Dina Cooper

We use fitness coaches, business coaches and now parenting coaching is on the rise.

Hoogi Features in Mamma Mia. Written by Shauna Anderson. Click here to view original article   Melina was at her breaking point. With three kids and a full time job she was stretched and struggling. The kids didn’t behave. The house was chaos. She was always running late, she felt, as she puts it, like she was “spiralling out of control.” “I just wanted a day to run smoothly, as planned without everything f**king up.” She says she doesn’t like to ask for help, she has her ways and her beliefs and feels imposed upon when relatives or friends break what she sees as the parenting rules she has put in place. “When my husband looks after the kids he just lets them sit in front of their screens and forgets the structures I have, things just fall apart.”   So just like when she needed help with her diet and exercise Melina sought out the help of a fitness coach this time she is turning to a coach as well – a parenting coach. In this age of modern parenting where we second-guess everything we do the rise of parenting coaches isn’t surprising. “I used a business coach for our business why wouldn’t I use a parent coach?” Experts have noted a fundamental shift in the way parents parent over the last half a century. While we are busier than ever, we are more focused on our children than ever. Researchers say this child-centred parenting, with an overwhelming need to prioritize their children’s health and happiness is leading to a generation of anxious parents unsure of what to do....

How to Allow Your Strong-Willed Child To Be Themselves AND Keep Your Cool

Relieving Mummy/Daddy Guilt After Confrontation – How to Allow Your Strong-Willed Child To Be Themselves AND Keep Your Cool Enjoy this month’s video where I share my 3 tips on staying in control of a power struggle with your strong willed child.     The thing we love the most at Hoogi is hearing from our amazing community of parents. Some of the greatest insights come directly from you. Jump onto our facebook page to join the conversation about the video this month. Thank you in advance for sharing with us – your tip might be able to create huge change in someone else’s life With love, Dina and the Hoogi Team    ...